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Celebrate spring the right way in 3 easy steps

by ZURI Magazine in Holistic Health

Spring is a time of renewal, growth and a solid confirmation that winter has now departed with us. This means longer days, shorter nights and a whole new year to explore- are you ready?


Here are 5 short tips of how to celebrate spring the right way!


1) Fast

Fasting is a great and easy way to reset the imbalances in our body; primarily our digestive system or hormones. There are various ways to fast (dry, fruit and water) which we explained in detail in our first issue of ISIS Mag (download your copy here ( Fasting is just a great way to re-jig the body's imbalances, even on a mental and emotional level too. However, make sure you consult your doctor before altering your diet. 


2)  Have a herbal bath 

Candle lit bath, zurimagazineHaving a bath in the tub with some herby essential oils (rosemary or sage) is a great way to relax the mind  and lift the senses. While it's quiet this is a great chance to say your desires for the coming year, since spring is the symbol or new ventures and hope! 


3) Throw something away!

zurimagazine, zurimag, Spring cleaning is always a great place to start. Cleaning all the dust and wiping down the walls is great of giving your house the refresh it deserves. To shift the energy of your environment, try removing things you no longer use. This is also symbolic for acknowledging stagnant energy that you wish to be removed and the introduction of new free flow of energy into your environement. 




ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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