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The Golden Glory of Green Tea

by Linda Graham in Holistic Health

I love Green Tea and that’s because when I’m too busy to do a proper full on detox, Green Tea does well in getting the job done! Green Tea contains not one but several Catechin compounds and the Godfather of them all, with the highest anticancer activity is known as epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG. Interestingly, Catechin content within Green Tea varies on area of cultivation. Research conducted by Beliveau and Dr Gingras (2007) found that Japanese Green tea contained higher levels of EGCG in comparison to Chinese Green Tea.  


Rich in antioxidants, Green Tea rids the body of harmful bacteria and the antigens found within them help to make your immune system stronger. Your body has natural defenses geared up to keep you safe from infections, so allow Green Tea to support you on your journey to optimum health.


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Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Spiritual | Vegan | LSE Academic | Autodidac | Bibliophile | Founder & Chief Editor of ZURI Magazine | E: or tweet me @LindaGraham89
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